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About Us

In 1966, Sid Fey began designing jewelry and consumer products that revolved around families, love, and relationships. So, we welcome you to our site that has engraved family tree gifts which honor your Christian faith, and celebrate the family that you share your faith with. These are great gifts for a parents, your spouse, or fellow Chritian friends. They are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or just to let her know you love her with the gift of a lifetime family remembrance.

The Catholic Family Tree Story

We are a family of artists and designers. When Kathy Fey, my wife, was teaching art classes to children, she loved to see their eyes light up as they realized they could express themselves with their drawings and paintings. I have been a jewelry designer for over 30 years with clients all over the planet. Together we have created Christian gifts that celebrate family for thousands of clients who love what we do.

One of our passions is creating family trees. These beautiful works of art help our customers to memorialize their Christian family heritage. These family trees become cherished heirlooms to be passed down through the generations. Since 1966 this has been a passion of ours. We have the honor and privilege to be a part of special events in people's lives. So we celebrate with them on their birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

The practice of being of service to others was shown to me at an early age. My dad began as a watchmaker in 1945. I remember seeing him one morning washing and waxing the tile floor of his first store in LaGrange, IL. He beamed with pride at the shiny floor. Just then, a customer came in who was obviously a construction worker, and his muddy boots tracked up my dad's newly cleaned floor. I saw that my dad never blinked as he did a small repair for this gentleman treating him graciously and giving him the utmost of service. It is that kind of service and generosity that is in our DNA and that you can expect from us. It is who we are and what we believe in.

Having great relationships and creating gifts that celebrate the people in our lives inspires us. In an era when the world is crying out to be loved, giving a gift that celebrates another truly honors them. We have the opportunity to open our hearts and inspire those we love letting them know how fortunate we are to be with them, to support and comfort them. The late Al Jarreau, American singer and musician, sang, "We're in this love together." It is together that we will make our world work, soothe our souls, and create relationships that provide meaning for our lives. Let us work together to memorialize our relationships with a rose that will last forever, like our love.

Our love for each and every order makes each one very special. We experience being a part of each celebration and are appreciative of the continued patronage of what we love to do. If there is something special you are celebrating, let us be a part of it with you. We are grateful for the opportunity to share in your life.

Sid Fey